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On July 21, we reported about Justin Gover, CEO of GW Pharmaceuticals, in his quest to lobby governments around the world and across the US. While Gover has been gaining a lot of ground in his Genghis Khan styled monopolizing march across the globe, CBD still has him and his Big Pharma buddies on their toes. Here’s why.

Marijuana Seedling Cannabis Foliage

1. You can grow cannabis in your backyard. Pharmaceutical companies hate cannabis for one single reason: it would put them out of business. One dirty secret of the pharmaceutical industry is that they sponsor and lobby doctors. That’s right, it’s gone beyond politics and into your local waiting room. So, while these companies can offer vacations to doctors and cajole them into prescribing their hard and addictive drugs, they have no control over home-grown, organic cannabis.

2. You can extract CBD oil from your cannabis plants, all by yourself. In fact, someone wrote a guide about it. Big Pharma sees there’s a chance they’ll be cut out of the process, and they’re scared.

3. CBD can treat so much, without the side effects. Never want to read “use of this product may cause death?”, CBD has got you covered. In fact, here’s a running list of all the diseases and ailments CBD can treat. While the side effects of what they are selling for incredibly steep prices may screw up your body and life for good, most of the side effects of CBD and cannabis are trivial things like dry eyes or a dry mouth. An all-in-one wonder drug to competitively squash anything they can put out makes them tremble and shiver.

4. CBD is becoming more and more legal, slowly but surely. State by state and nation by nation, laws against cannabis and CBD-extracts are getting softer and softer. The tide is turning and people are starting to recognize that low-THC, non-physcoactive cannabinoids are not so bad after all… in fact they’re fantastic and it’s a crime we’ve been suppressing them for so long.

5. CBD works better alongside fellow cannabinoids, something Big Pharma can’t provide. Big Pharma is attempting to monopolize markets by spending a ton of money complying with out of touch laws, but ending up with a medicine which is less effective than any Joe Schmo planting a cannabis plant or buying from small organic farms in the area. Although the laws currently don’t forbid it (generally), the University of Jerusalem has found that pure CBD isolate without any associated cannabinoids is less effective than a more natural extract with the other cannabinoids left intact. Due to legal compliance, the drug companies can only make CBD-isolate products.

If we continue to apply pressure to lawmakers, we can beat out drug companies and we can do it from the comfort of our backyards. Get on board, join our mission, join the quest! Get your free 8-page High-CBD Strain Guide here (enter your email in the green box and confirm it).


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