Memo to Congress: Fix the Farm Bill

Earlier this year, the Food & Drug Administration disclosed that it would not regulate non-pharmaceutical CBD products, thereby putting the onus on Congress to devise an appropriate regulatory framework for cannabidiol and other hemp-derived cannabinoids. Solicited by a formal Congressional Request for Information (RFI) on ideas for how to regulate hemp-derived CBD, public feedback included … Read more

North Carolina Medical Cannabis Bill Likely Dead For 2023

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North Carolina’s medical cannabis bill, which would have legalized the use of medical marijuana in the state, is likely dead for 2023. This is due to the lack of support the bill has received from state lawmakers in recent weeks. The bill, which was introduced in the state House of Representatives in February, would have … Read more

Senate Committee Approves Bill Allowing VA To Recommend Pot to Veterans in Legal States

On Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved a bill that would allow the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to recommend medical marijuana to veterans in states where it is legal. This is a major step forward for veterans who have long sought access to medical marijuana as an alternative to traditional treatments for chronic pain … Read more

Washington Governor Signs Bill Expanding Social Equity Licenses

On April 15th, 2021, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill that expands social equity licenses. This new law is part of a larger effort to make the cannabis industry more accessible and equitable. Social equity licenses are a form of legal permission to operate a cannabis business. They are designed to provide opportunities to … Read more

Maryland Lawmakers Pass Recreational Marijuana Sales Bill

Data science and data engineering have been playing an increasingly important role in the legislative process, and the recent passage of a recreational marijuana sales bill in Maryland is a great example of this. On April 14th, 2021, the Maryland General Assembly passed a bill that would legalize the sale of recreational marijuana in the … Read more

Bill To Dismantle Montana Adult-Use Weed Market Goes Down in Flames

The state of Montana recently witnessed a major setback in its efforts to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. On Thursday, a bill that would have dismantled the state’s adult-use weed market was defeated by a vote of 49-51 in the state House of Representatives. The bill, titled House Bill 701, was introduced by Republican … Read more

Washington Bill Would Ban Pre-Employment Drug Testing for Cannabis

The state of Washington is taking a bold step forward in the fight for cannabis reform. A new bill has been proposed that would ban pre-employment drug testing for cannabis use. This bill could be a major step towards ending the stigma associated with cannabis use and could help to open up more job opportunities … Read more

Weed Legalization Bill Introduced in North Carolina

North Carolina has recently taken a major step towards marijuana reform. On June 1, 2021, a bill was introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly that would legalize the possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana in the state. The bill, titled the “North Carolina Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Act”, seeks to create a regulated market … Read more

Missouri House Approves Psilocybin Research Bill

On May 13, 2021, the Missouri House of Representatives approved a bill that would allow the state to conduct research into the therapeutic potential of psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms.” The bill, HB 577, was passed by a vote of 117-41 and now moves to the Senate for consideration. The bill would allow … Read more