Limited Legalization Law Takes Effect in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg has recently taken a major step forward in the world of data analytics, as the country has just implemented a new limited legalization law. This law, which was passed in November 2020, allows the country to use data analytics to better understand and manage the economy, as well as to improve public services. The … Read more

U.S. Forest Service Reminds Employees That They Are Still Subject to Federal Law

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The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) recently issued a reminder to its employees that they are still subject to federal law. This reminder serves as a reminder of the importance of following the law, even when in the service of the USFS. The USFS is a federal agency that is responsible for managing and protecting the … Read more

Oklahoma Growers To Pay $50K Deposit for License Under New Law

Oklahoma growers may soon be paying a hefty $50,000 deposit for a license under a new law that was recently passed by the state legislature. This law, which is set to take effect in July 2021, is aimed at regulating the cultivation of industrial hemp in the state. The new law will require growers to … Read more

Mississippi Lawmakers Approve Changes to Medical Cannabis Law

Mississippi Lawmakers Approve Changes to Medical Cannabis Law Mississippi lawmakers have approved changes to the state’s medical cannabis law, which will expand access to medical marijuana for qualifying patients. The new law, which was passed on April 1, 2021, will expand the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use and allow for the sale … Read more