Dr. Andrew Weil on Cannabis and Integrative Medicine

Dr. Andrew Weil is the founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. His early publications (The Natural Mind and From Chocolate to Morphine) focused on exploring altered states of consciousness. He is the author of several bestselling books, including Spontaneous Healing (1995), Eating Well for Optimum … Read more

The Cannabis Cancer Connection

Adapted from The Cannabis Cancer Connection: How to use cannabis and hemp to kill cancer cells by Joe D. Goldstrich, MD, with Angela Bacca (Flower Valley Press, 2023). There is a growing body of anecdotal and scientific evidence that the “major cannabinoids” tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), certain “minor cannabinoids” (some without a name), and other … Read more

From MMJ to Special K

Every five months Irvin Rosenfeld gets a FedEx shipment, courtesy of the federal government, containing six metal canisters, each with 300 perfectly rolled joints of what today would be considered rather mediocre weed. But the quality of the government-issue reefer matters less than the fact that Uncle Sam has been supplying him with it regularly … Read more

Madonna Say She’s Lucky to be Alive After Major Health Scare

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Recently, Madonna has revealed that she had a major health scare that almost cost her her life. In an interview with Vogue Italia, the 62-year-old pop star said that she had been suffering from a severe case of laryngitis, which resulted in a “near-death experience.” The singer said that she was rushed to the hospital … Read more

PubMed: The Use of Cannabidiol in Metabolic Syndrome-An Opportunity to Improve the Patient’s Health or Much Ado about Nothing?

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PubMed: The Use of Cannabidiol in Metabolic Syndrome – An Opportunity to Improve the Patient’s Health or Much Ado about Nothing? Recent research has been exploring the potential of cannabidiol (CBD) as a potential treatment for metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body … Read more

Three Delicious Raw Cannabis Smoothie Recipes

It was once a common assumption within the cannabis community that plant cannabinoids aren’t “activated” or useful until they are “decarbed” — short for decarboxylated — which refers to the process of heating cannabis before it is consumed. But that notion has proven to be way off the mark. The major and minor cannabinoids in raw, … Read more

Unveiling the Health Benefits of Cordyceps and CBD: A Comprehensive Guide

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If you’ve been researching natural remedies for health and wellness, you’ve likely come across the terms “Cordyceps” and “CBD.” These two substances have become increasingly popular for their potential health benefits, but what exactly are they, and how can they be used to improve your health? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be taking a look … Read more

Unveiling the Health Benefits of Cordyceps and CBD: A Comprehensive Guide

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Data analytics and data science are a powerful tool for uncovering the health benefits of natural products like Cordyceps and CBD. By analyzing large datasets of scientific studies and clinical trials, researchers can identify patterns and correlations between the use of these natural products and health outcomes. This information can then be used to inform … Read more

Gut Feeling

Pain, anxiety, and sleep are major drivers of medical cannabis use. But gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea and upset stomach, aren’t far behind.1 Even small doses of cannabis can soothe the stomach and stimulate the appetite. In fact, of the four cannabis-derived drugs approved so far by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, three are … Read more

Beta-Caryophyllene: Terpene Powerhouse

Project CBD recently reported on studies indicating that cannabis terpenes — the compounds that give the plant its robust and distinctive smell — activate the CB1 cannabinoid receptor. What’s more, in the presence of THC (also a CB1 agonist), terpenes appear to modulate cannabinoid activity in varied and interesting ways.1,2 Today we focus on spicy-peppery … Read more