Memo to Congress: Fix the Farm Bill

Earlier this year, the Food & Drug Administration disclosed that it would not regulate non-pharmaceutical CBD products, thereby putting the onus on Congress to devise an appropriate regulatory framework for cannabidiol and other hemp-derived cannabinoids. Solicited by a formal Congressional Request for Information (RFI) on ideas for how to regulate hemp-derived CBD, public feedback included … Read more

Expert Gives Delta-8 THC Thumbs Down

Dr. Mark A. Scialdone, a recognized expert in the field of organic chemistry who specializes in natural product chemistry, is an inventor of 37 issued US patents and the author of 17 peer-reviewed articles in science publications. From 1994 to 2013, he was employed as a principal investigator at DuPont Central Research and Development. Dr. … Read more

5 Safety Tips for Combining CBD Oil with Medication

Since its potential health benefits, the use of CBD oil has increased in recent years. However, it is also critical to know the dangers involved with combining CBD oil with medications. Here are five safety tips for combining CBD oil with medications. 1 Consult your doctor: Before taking CBD oil, it is important to notify … Read more

How to properly use and maintain a dab rig for optimal performance and safety

Dab rigs are a popular way to consume cannabis concentrates, and proper use and maintenance is essential for optimal performance and safety. Connecting dab rigs to big data is important for understanding the history, development, and future of dab rigs. Historical development has seen dab rigs transition from simple glass pieces to more complex rigs … Read more

How to properly use and maintain a dab rig for optimal performance and safety

Using and maintaining a dab rig for optimal performance and safety is essential for any dabbing enthusiast. Dab rigs are specialized devices used for vaporizing concentrates and essential oils. They come in various shapes and sizes, and can be made from glass, ceramic, or metal. While dab rigs are easy to use, they require proper … Read more

How to Know If CBD Vape is Going to Explode

CBD vape has become an increasingly popular way to consume cannabidiol (CBD), due to its fast-acting and effective nature. However, there are risks associated with CBD vape, the most serious being the potential for an explosion. In this article, we will discuss in more detail the risks associated with CBD vape, how to know if … Read more