Madonna Say She’s Lucky to be Alive After Major Health Scare

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Recently, Madonna has revealed that she had a major health scare that almost cost her her life. In an interview with Vogue Italia, the 62-year-old pop star said that she had been suffering from a severe case of laryngitis, which resulted in a “near-death experience.” The singer said that she was rushed to the hospital … Read more

Hit-Boy, Big Hit Coached White Crew to Say N-Word For ‘Police’ Music Video

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Data analytics has become a powerful tool for understanding the success of music videos, and the latest video from the White Crew featuring Hit-Boy and Big Hit is no exception. The video, titled “Police,” has been making waves due to the controversial use of the N-word in the song’s lyrics. The video was released on … Read more

Nicki Minaj Swatted, Cops Say Caller Falsely Claimed Child Abuse & Fire

Nicki Minaj was the latest celebrity to be swatted, the dangerous prank where someone calls the police and falsely claims a violent crime is taking place at the target’s home. In Nicki’s case, the caller claimed there was child abuse and a fire at her home. Swatting is an increasingly popular prank among trolls, who … Read more

Menendez Brothers Say New ‘Menudo’ Evidence Backs Up Sex Abuse Allegations Against Dad

The Menendez Brothers, Lyle and Erik, have recently come forward to say that new evidence from their time in the boy band Menudo backs up their allegations of sexual abuse against their father. This news has sparked a larger conversation about the importance of big data and its applications to legal cases. Big data has … Read more

Tekashi 6ix9ine Gym Attack Suspect Is Gang Member From Latin Kings, Cops Say

On Wednesday, April 21st, news broke that Tekashi 6ix9ine, the controversial rapper, was the victim of a violent attack at a gym in Brooklyn, New York. According to police, the suspect in the attack is a member of the Latin Kings, a notorious street gang. The incident occurred when Tekashi 6ix9ine, whose real name is … Read more

TLC’s Chilli Say She Hopes to Marry Matthew Lawrence

TLC’s Chilli is hoping to marry her boyfriend, actor Matthew Lawrence. The couple have been together for three years and Chilli recently revealed that she is hoping to get married soon. The singer, whose real name is Rozonda Thomas, first met Lawrence in the 90s when he was starring in the sitcom Boy Meets World. … Read more

Nick Carter Fires Back In Sexual Battery Lawsuit, Witnesses Say Accuser Is Lying

Nick Carter, the former member of the Backstreet Boys, has recently fired back in a sexual battery lawsuit against him. The accuser, Melissa Schuman, has alleged that Nick Carter sexually assaulted her in 2003. What is a Sexual Battery? Sexual battery is a type of sexual assault. It involves unwanted sexual contact, such as touching, … Read more

Malaysian Politicians Say Weed-Infused Product Addressed to Them Isn’t Theirs

With the legalization of marijuana in many countries, the debate over the implications of the drug has become more prominent in public discourse. In Malaysia, the issue has recently come to the forefront after several politicians received packages containing weed-infused products addressed to them. The politicians have denied any involvement with the packages, claiming that … Read more