U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Mostly Silent During National Anthem at World Cup

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The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team recently made headlines after their mostly silent display during the playing of the National Anthem at the 2019 World Cup. The team’s decision to remain mostly silent during the anthem has sparked a debate about patriotism and respect for the flag. The team’s decision to remain mostly silent during the … Read more

U.S. Department of Justice Extends Pardon Certificate Comment Deadline to August 15

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The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has recently announced that it is extending the deadline for public comments on the proposed pardon certificate program until August 15. This program, if approved, would allow individuals convicted of federal crimes to receive a pardon certificate from the DOJ. The proposed pardon certificate program was first announced by … Read more

U.S. Secret Service Investigating Cocaine Reportedly Found in White House

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The United States Secret Service is reportedly investigating the discovery of cocaine in the White House. Reports of the investigation first surfaced on Tuesday, August 11th, when a spokesperson for the Secret Service confirmed that the agency was looking into the matter. The source of the cocaine is currently unknown, though speculation has been rampant … Read more

U.S. Forest Service Reminds Employees That They Are Still Subject to Federal Law

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The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) recently issued a reminder to its employees that they are still subject to federal law. This reminder serves as a reminder of the importance of following the law, even when in the service of the USFS. The USFS is a federal agency that is responsible for managing and protecting the … Read more

Fentanyl Overdoses See Dramatic Spike in U.S., According to Report

The opioid crisis has been a growing problem in the United States for years, and recently a new report has revealed a dramatic spike in fentanyl overdoses across the country. Fentanyl is an extremely potent opioid, and it is being used in combination with other drugs to create more powerful and dangerous mixtures. According to … Read more

Study of Five U.S. Cities Finds Dispensaries Strictly Enforce ID Verification Laws

In a recent study of five U.S. cities, researchers found that dispensaries strictly enforce ID verification laws. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of California, Davis, looked at the enforcement of ID verification laws in dispensaries in five cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, and Portland. The researchers found that all dispensaries … Read more

U.S. lawmakers re-introduce bills that would set framework for CBD

U.S. lawmakers have recently re-introduced bills that would set a framework for the regulation of cannabidiol (CBD) products, a move that could help to open up the market for hemp-derived products. CBD is a natural compound found in hemp and marijuana plants, and its popularity has grown rapidly in recent years due to its potential … Read more

UN Issues ‘Warning’ to U.S. Over Adult-Use State Laws, Suggesting Repeal

Recently, the United Nations (UN) issued a warning to the United States over state laws that allow the use of marijuana for adult recreational purposes. The UN suggested that the US should repeal such laws, as they are in violation of international drug control treaties. The UN’s warning was issued in a report by the … Read more

U.S. lawmakers float bill that would give ‘second chance’ to drug felons

A new bill proposed by U.S. lawmakers would give drug felons a ‘second chance’, allowing them to have their records cleared and gain access to employment opportunities. This bill has the potential to have a huge impact on the lives of many people and is connected to the use of big data in a variety … Read more

Study Finds Significant Increase in Medical Cannabis Use in U.S.

A recent study conducted by the University of New Mexico found a significant increase in medical cannabis use in the United States. The study, which tracked the use of medical cannabis among adults aged 21 and older, found that the number of medical cannabis users in the US increased from 2.5 million in 2013 to … Read more