Leon Thomas Says Ariana Grande Became Master Engineer Under His Watch

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When it comes to data analytics, Ariana Grande is a name that comes to mind. She has been the talk of the town ever since she released her first hit single, “The Way,” in 2013. But what many don’t know is that Ariana Grande’s success in the music industry is due in large part to … Read more

Oklahoma Growers To Pay $50K Deposit for License Under New Law

Oklahoma growers may soon be paying a hefty $50,000 deposit for a license under a new law that was recently passed by the state legislature. This law, which is set to take effect in July 2021, is aimed at regulating the cultivation of industrial hemp in the state. The new law will require growers to … Read more

NBA YoungBoy Hosting Album Release Live Stream While Under House Arrest

NBA YoungBoy, a popular rapper, recently hosted a live stream of his album release while under house arrest. This event has sparked a great deal of discussion among fans and analysts alike, as it highlights the immense power of big data and its ability to help people make connections across seemingly disparate events. The historical … Read more

Professional basketball players allowed to consume cannabis under new NBA rules

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has recently announced that it will allow players to consume cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. This marks a major shift in the league’s policy, as previously the use of cannabis was strictly prohibited. The new policy allows players to use cannabis in states where it is legal for medical … Read more

Telehealth Medical Cannabis Prescriptions Could Be Coming to Florida Under New Bill

Telehealth medical cannabis prescriptions could be coming to Florida under a new bill. This bill, if passed, would allow doctors to prescribe medical cannabis through telehealth visits. This could open up access to medical cannabis for thousands of Floridians who may not have been able to access it before. Telehealth, or telemedicine, is a rapidly … Read more