Hit-Boy, Big Hit Coached White Crew to Say N-Word For ‘Police’ Music Video

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Data analytics has become a powerful tool for understanding the success of music videos, and the latest video from the White Crew featuring Hit-Boy and Big Hit is no exception. The video, titled “Police,” has been making waves due to the controversial use of the N-word in the song’s lyrics. The video was released on … Read more

U.S. Secret Service Investigating Cocaine Reportedly Found in White House

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The United States Secret Service is reportedly investigating the discovery of cocaine in the White House. Reports of the investigation first surfaced on Tuesday, August 11th, when a spokesperson for the Secret Service confirmed that the agency was looking into the matter. The source of the cocaine is currently unknown, though speculation has been rampant … Read more

White Supremacist Says MDMA Drove Him Away From Extremist Beliefs

The power of MDMA, or 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, to drive away extreme beliefs and ideologies is the focus of a recent story that has been gaining traction in the media. The story in question centers around a white supremacist who claims that MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, was the catalyst that allowed him to break away from … Read more

White Hairs on Weed

White hairs on weed are a common sign of maturity in cannabis plants and are a key factor in determining when to harvest the crop. As such, they are an important indication of the quality of the product and have a direct impact on the success of a cannabis-related business. Data analytics and data science … Read more