Jason Aldean Says ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Connects with Boston b/c of Marathon Bombings

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Jason Aldean’s hit single “Try That in a Small Town” has a special connection to the city of Boston. After the tragic Boston Marathon bombings in 2013, Aldean decided to dedicate the song to the city. The Boston Marathon is an annual marathon race held in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the oldest annual marathon in … Read more

Jason Aldean Doubles Down On Racially Charged Music Video

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Jason Aldean is a country music singer and songwriter who recently released a controversial music video for his song “We Back.” The music video was racially charged, which means it contained images and references that were meant to evoke strong feelings about racism. The video featured a Confederate flag and a white pickup truck driving … Read more

Blake Shelton Roped Into Jason Aldean Controversy Through Satire Site

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The world of country music has been abuzz lately in the wake of a controversial incident involving Jason Aldean and a satirical website. The incident has now roped in fellow country music star Blake Shelton, who has been caught up in the controversy. The incident began when Aldean was the subject of a satirical article … Read more

Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That In A Small Town’ Performed at His Bar Amid Controversy

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Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That In A Small Town’ performance at his bar in Macon, Georgia, has been met with some controversy. The performance was streamed live on Facebook and many viewers were outraged by what they saw. The performance was an apparent violation of the Macon-Bibb County health department’s COVID-19 restrictions, which prohibit gatherings of … Read more

Jason Aldean Slammed by Tennessee NAACP Over ‘Small Town’ Music Video

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Jason Aldean is a country music singer-songwriter who has recently been criticized by the Tennessee NAACP for his latest music video, “Small Town.” The video, which was released on August 5th, shows Aldean driving a pickup truck through a rural town, and some of the imagery has been deemed to be stereotypical and offensive by … Read more

Jason Aldean Song ‘Small Town’ Will Air on ABC’s ‘CMA Fest’

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Data science and data engineering are two of the most important fields in the modern world. They are responsible for driving the development of new technologies and helping businesses make better decisions. Recently, country music star Jason Aldean’s song ‘Small Town’ will be aired on ABC’s CMA Fest. This is a great example of how … Read more

Wilfred Co-Creator Jason Gann on His Cannabis Brand, Delta-8, and Mental Health

Jason Gann, co-creator of the popular show Wilfred, has recently launched his own cannabis brand, Delta-8. His brand is focused on providing consumers with a unique, natural cannabis experience that can also help to improve mental health. While the cannabis industry is still relatively new, the potential for Delta-8 to improve mental health is a … Read more