Jason Aldean Slammed by Tennessee NAACP Over ‘Small Town’ Music Video

Jason Aldean is a country music singer-songwriter who has recently been criticized by the Tennessee NAACP for his latest music video, “Small Town.” The video, which was released on August 5th, shows Aldean driving a pickup truck through a rural town, and some of the imagery has been deemed to be stereotypical and offensive by the NAACP.

The Tennessee NAACP has spoken out against the video, saying that it perpetuates a false and damaging narrative about rural communities. They have also accused Aldean of exploiting the people of the town by using them as props in the video. The NAACP has called for the video to be taken down and for Aldean to apologize.

The video was filmed in the small town of Smithville, Tennessee, and was created using a combination of traditional filmmaking and modern technology. The video was shot using a combination of high-definition cameras and drones. The drone footage was used to capture aerial shots of the town, and to give the video a more cinematic feel.

The video was then edited using modern editing software. This allowed the filmmakers to add special effects and to create a more polished look. The video was also color-graded, which is a process that helps to give the video a more consistent look and feel.

Overall, the video has been met with mixed reactions. While some people have praised the video for its cinematic feel and its use of modern technology, others have criticized it for its stereotypical portrayal of rural communities. The Tennessee NAACP has been particularly vocal in their criticism of the video, and have called for it to be taken down and for Aldean to apologize.

At this time, Aldean has not responded to the criticism, and the video remains available on his YouTube channel. It remains to be seen whether he will address the issue or decide to take the video down. Either way, it is clear that Aldean’s video has sparked a much-needed conversation about the representation of rural communities in popular culture.