Colorado Governor Wants Pardons for Psychedelic Convictions

The state of Colorado is making history in the world of psychedelic drug use. Recently, Governor Jared Polis announced that he wants to pardon those who have been convicted of psychedelic-related crimes. This announcement is a major step forward for the decriminalization of psychedelics, and could potentially pave the way for further legalization of these … Read more

New York Governor Signs Legislation To Reign In Illicit Weed Market

On Wednesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation to reign in the state’s illicit weed market. This is an important step forward in the development of a regulated cannabis industry in the state, and it has implications for data analysts and end users alike. The connection to big data is clear: the legislation requires … Read more

Washington Governor Signs Bill Expanding Social Equity Licenses

On April 15th, 2021, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill that expands social equity licenses. This new law is part of a larger effort to make the cannabis industry more accessible and equitable. Social equity licenses are a form of legal permission to operate a cannabis business. They are designed to provide opportunities to … Read more

Maryland Governor Approves Bills on Cannabis Reform, Abortion Protection, Gender-Affirming Treatment

The Maryland General Assembly recently approved a series of bills that will have a significant impact on the state’s cannabis, abortion, and gender-affirming treatment policies. Governor Larry Hogan signed the bills into law, making Maryland the first state in the nation to take such sweeping action on these issues. The first bill, the Cannabis Equity … Read more

Wisconsin GOP Leaders Kill 500+ Proposals from Governor, Including Legal Cannabis

On Tuesday, Wisconsin GOP leaders killed more than 500 proposals from Governor Tony Evers, including a proposal to legalize cannabis. This move was seen by many as a rebuke to Governor Evers, who has been pushing for the legalization of cannabis since he took office in January 2019. The proposal to legalize cannabis was part … Read more

Pennsylvania Governor Proposes Taxes on Pot—But No Legalization Bill

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently proposed a plan to tax marijuana sales in the state, but he has yet to introduce a bill that would legalize the drug. Wolf’s proposal would bring in an estimated $580 million in revenue for the state, but it is unclear how the money would be used. The governor’s proposal … Read more