Luxembourg publishes proposal for recreational cannabis legalisation

Luxembourg recently made headlines when they announced their proposal to legalise recreational cannabis use. This is a major step forward for the country, as Luxembourg is now the first European nation to consider such a move. The proposal was put forward by the country’s health ministry and will be reviewed by the government. The proposal … Read more

German cannabis legalisation plans set for release ‘after Easter’, but may be scaled back

The German government is set to release plans to legalise cannabis after Easter, but may be scaling back on their ambitions. This news has sparked a lot of debate and speculation, as the potential implications of legalisation are far-reaching. The German government’s plans to legalise cannabis have been in the works for some time. The … Read more

German cannabis legalisation plans could be presented to the EU ‘in weeks’

The potential legalisation of cannabis in Germany could have far-reaching implications for the European Union. This is due to the fact that the EU is a highly interconnected network, with each member state impacting the others. To understand the potential implications of this legalisation, it is important to consider the connection to big data, the … Read more