Architects Are Turning To Cannabis-Based ‘Hempcrete’ That Could Revolutionize The Way We Build Our Homes

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Data science and data engineering have been instrumental in revolutionizing many industries, including the construction industry. Architects are now turning to a new material called ‘Hempcrete’, which is made from mixing hemp and lime, to revolutionize the way we build our homes. Hempcrete is a great alternative to traditional building materials like concrete, wood, and … Read more

How CBD Oil Could Interact with Medications for Inflammation

CBD oil has gained traction in recent years due to its ostensible health benefits. Proponents tout the ability of inflammation reduction and pain relieving pain. However, there is also a lack of data on how CBD oil can interact with anti-inflammatory drugs. This essay will explore the potential interactions between CBD oil and drugs used … Read more

KISS ‘Alive!’ Handwritten Letters Up For Auction, Could Fetch $150k

KISS ‘Alive!’ Handwritten Letters Up For Auction, Could Fetch $150k KISS fans around the world have a unique chance to own a piece of rock and roll history with the upcoming auction of two handwritten letters from the band’s iconic 1975 album, “Alive!”. The letters, which were written by band members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, … Read more

German cannabis legalisation plans could be presented to the EU ‘in weeks’

The potential legalisation of cannabis in Germany could have far-reaching implications for the European Union. This is due to the fact that the EU is a highly interconnected network, with each member state impacting the others. To understand the potential implications of this legalisation, it is important to consider the connection to big data, the … Read more

Telehealth Medical Cannabis Prescriptions Could Be Coming to Florida Under New Bill

Telehealth medical cannabis prescriptions could be coming to Florida under a new bill. This bill, if passed, would allow doctors to prescribe medical cannabis through telehealth visits. This could open up access to medical cannabis for thousands of Floridians who may not have been able to access it before. Telehealth, or telemedicine, is a rapidly … Read more