Ariana Grande Giving BF Ethan Slater Space To Work Out Issues With Estranged Wife

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Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, actor Ethan Slater, have been making headlines recently for their relationship. The couple has been together since 2019, but their relationship has been put to the test recently due to Slater’s estranged wife. Slater and his wife, actor and singer Rachel Zegler, have been separated since 2018. Zegler filed for … Read more

FDA Issues Draft Guidance For Clinical Studies On Psychedelics

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The FDA recently issued a draft guidance for clinical studies on psychedelics, a move that has the potential to transform the field of mental health treatment. This guidance marks a major milestone in the development of psychedelics as a potential treatment for a variety of mental health conditions, from depression and anxiety to PTSD and … Read more

Nevada Issues First Cannabis Consumption Lounge Licenses

Nevada recently became the first state in the U.S. to issue licenses for cannabis consumption lounges. This historic decision marks a major shift in the way that cannabis is viewed and used in the U.S., and it has potential implications for the cannabis industry and data analysts alike. The connection to big data is clear: … Read more

New Jersey Cultivation Cap Expired, But Real Estate Issues Remain

The cultivation cap in New Jersey expired on July 1, 2020, opening the door to an unlimited number of cannabis cultivation licenses in the Garden State. While this is great news for those looking to enter the cannabis industry, real estate issues remain an obstacle. The New Jersey cannabis industry is booming, with the state … Read more

UN Issues ‘Warning’ to U.S. Over Adult-Use State Laws, Suggesting Repeal

Recently, the United Nations (UN) issued a warning to the United States over state laws that allow the use of marijuana for adult recreational purposes. The UN suggested that the US should repeal such laws, as they are in violation of international drug control treaties. The UN’s warning was issued in a report by the … Read more