Priscilla Presley Posts Pic With Lisa Marie’s Daughters After Trust Dispute Ends

Priscilla Presley recently posted a picture of herself with her granddaughters, the daughters of her late daughter Lisa Marie, after a long-standing trust dispute between the two families had been resolved. This event highlights the importance of big data in resolving legal disputes and how it can be used to provide a resolution that is … Read more

50 Cent’s Cognac Brand Settles Dispute With Remy Martin Over Bottle Design

When it comes to data analytics or data science, the 50 Cent-Remy Martin dispute over bottle design is an interesting case study. It demonstrates how data analytics and data science can be used to identify potential issues in product design, and the importance of keeping up with the latest trends in the marketplace. The dispute … Read more

Aaron, Nick Carter’s Mom Arrested for Battery After Alleged TV Volume Dispute

On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, Aaron Carter’s mother, Jane Elizabeth Carter, was arrested for battery after an alleged dispute over the volume of a television. According to reports, Aaron Carter and his mother were arguing over the volume of the television at their home in St. Petersburg, Florida. Police were called to the scene after … Read more

Travis Scott Settles Nightclub Dispute with Victim, Criminal Charges Still Loom

Travis Scott recently settled a dispute with a victim of a nightclub altercation that occurred in December 2019. Although the dispute was settled, criminal charges still remain a possibility for the hip-hop artist. The incident occurred at the W Hotel in Los Angeles, where Travis Scott was attending a party. According to reports, the victim … Read more