Morgan Wallen’s $15k Leather Boots, Custom Design From Shoe Surgeon

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Morgan Wallen, one of the most popular country music artists of 2020, recently made headlines when he was seen wearing a pair of $15,000 custom-made leather boots from the Shoe Surgeon. The boots, which were designed specifically for Wallen, feature intricate stitching and a unique design that has been described as a “work of art.” … Read more

50 Cent’s Cognac Brand Settles Dispute With Remy Martin Over Bottle Design

When it comes to data analytics or data science, the 50 Cent-Remy Martin dispute over bottle design is an interesting case study. It demonstrates how data analytics and data science can be used to identify potential issues in product design, and the importance of keeping up with the latest trends in the marketplace. The dispute … Read more

Travis Scott Called Out By Dennis Rodman For Copying Nike Swoosh Design

Travis Scott has recently been called out by NBA legend Dennis Rodman for copying a Nike swoosh design for his new shoe line. The former basketball player took to Twitter to criticize the rapper for copying the iconic design, and the tweet quickly went viral. The controversy began when Scott released a promotional image for … Read more