Adele Warns Fans, ‘I’ll F**king Kill You’ If You Throw Things at Me During Vegas Show

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Adele recently made headlines when she threatened to “f**king kill” anyone who threw things at her while she was performing in Las Vegas. While this may seem like an extreme reaction, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to take a stand against unruly fans. In fact, many artists have implemented a zero-tolerance policy when it comes … Read more

K Camp Says Ice Spice Skipping XXL Freshman Won’t Hurt, Warns of Fan Burnout

K Camp recently spoke out about the XXL Freshman list and how it is not necessary for an artist’s success. He warned of fan burnout, saying that the list can be a distraction from the real work of building a career in music. As an artist, K Camp has seen the impact of the XXL … Read more

XXXTentacion’s Mother Warns His Murderers, ‘Don’t Drop the Soap’ Behind Bars

In the wake of the tragic death of rapper XXXTentacion, his mother, Cleopatra Bernard, has issued a warning to her son’s alleged murderers: “Don’t drop the soap” behind bars. This statement has sparked an intense discussion on the use of data analytics and data science in criminal justice. Data analytics and data science have become … Read more