Architects Are Turning To Cannabis-Based ‘Hempcrete’ That Could Revolutionize The Way We Build Our Homes

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Data science and data engineering have been instrumental in revolutionizing many industries, including the construction industry. Architects are now turning to a new material called ‘Hempcrete’, which is made from mixing hemp and lime, to revolutionize the way we build our homes. Hempcrete is a great alternative to traditional building materials like concrete, wood, and … Read more

Lil Keed’s 1st Posthumous Song ‘Long Way to Go’ Drops

The rap world was recently hit with the news that rapper Lil Keed had passed away. In the wake of his death, his fans were left feeling devastated and heartbroken. However, in a bittersweet moment, Lil Keed’s first posthumous song, ‘Long Way to Go’, has been released. The track was released on Friday, October 9th, … Read more