Akademiks Says Rappers Are Losing to Afrobeats After Seeing Burna Boy Live

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In recent years, Afrobeats has been gaining more and more recognition in the music industry, and it’s now being seen as a formidable force in the industry. This fact is being realized by many, including the popular American streetwear brand Akademiks. After seeing Burna Boy live in concert, Akademiks recently made a statement that “rappers … Read more

Pot Use Lower Among Illinois Teens Who Live Near Medical Dispensaries

A recent study has shown that teens living near medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois are less likely to use marijuana than those who live further away. This is an important finding for data analysts, as it can help inform public health policy, as well as provide insight into the connection between big data and public … Read more

NBA YoungBoy Hosting Album Release Live Stream While Under House Arrest

NBA YoungBoy, a popular rapper, recently hosted a live stream of his album release while under house arrest. This event has sparked a great deal of discussion among fans and analysts alike, as it highlights the immense power of big data and its ability to help people make connections across seemingly disparate events. The historical … Read more