Montreal Shroom Shop Raided, Owner Says ‘We’re Just Getting Started’

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The recent raid of a Montreal shroom shop has left many people wondering what this means for the future of the city’s psychedelic scene. The shop, which sells a variety of psychedelic mushrooms, was raided by Montreal police on June 17th, 2021. The owner of the shop, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has made … Read more

Trinidad James Supports Drake Getting Pink Manicure

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Data analytics has been gaining a lot of attention lately, and with it, the power of data to influence decisions. Recently, Trinidad James, a rapper, publicly supported Drake getting a pink manicure, and the power of data analytics has been cited as a possible factor in the decision. Trinidad James is a rapper who is … Read more

Mod Sun Not Interested in Getting Back with Avril Lavigne After Tyga Split

The news of Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun’s split after just a few months of dating has been making waves in the music industry. The couple, who had been together since the fall of 2020, have reportedly gone their separate ways after Mod Sun was linked to rapper Tyga. While there is no official confirmation … Read more

Getting to Know Cannabigerol with Bonni Goldstein, MD

This transcript is adapted from CannMed’s weekly podcast, hosted by Ben Amirault, who recently interviewed Bonni Goldstein, MD, one of the country’s most respected and experienced medical cannabis physicians. Dr. Goldstein has treated thousands of patients with medical cannabis. She is the medical director of Canna-Centers Wellness & Education and the clinical advisor to Cannformatics. … Read more

How to Enjoy 420 Without Getting High

420 is an iconic date in the cannabis culture, celebrated by many marijuana enthusiasts around the world. While the term “420” is often associated with getting high, there are many ways to enjoy the holiday without consuming cannabis. Here’s how to celebrate 420 without getting high. Connection to Big Data: In recent years, the cannabis … Read more