Drake Celebrates His Mom Sandi Graham Onstage at NYC Concert

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It was a night to remember for Drake fans in New York City recently when the rapper surprised them with a special guest. During a concert at Madison Square Garden, Drake brought out his mother, Sandi Graham, to celebrate her birthday. The moment was captured on video and shared on social media, showing Drake embracing … Read more

Drake Criticized by Akademiks, Ebro and Elliott Wilson for Cultural Deflection

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Data science and data engineering have become increasingly important in the music industry, as artists and labels use analytics to better understand their audiences and optimize their strategies for success. This is especially true in the case of Drake, who has become one of the most successful artists in recent years. However, his success has … Read more

Drake Stars in Young Thug “Oh U Went” Video Amid YSL RICO Trial

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The music industry is no stranger to controversy, and the recent Drake and Young Thug collaboration is no exception. Drake recently starred in Young Thug’s music video for the song “Oh U Went”, which was released amidst the YSL RICO trial. This trial has been a major topic of discussion in the music industry, and … Read more

Drake & 21 Savage Appear to Use Ugly Anna Wintour Tour Visual After Vogue Lawsuit

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Drake and 21 Savage have recently been in the news for their creative use of a visual that was once used in a Vogue magazine cover. The two rappers appear to have repurposed the image for their own tour, sparking a conversation about the legality of their actions. The visual in question is a portrait … Read more

Woman Face-Plants Down Stairs In Freak-Out Over Jayson Tatum Cameo At Drake Concert

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Have you ever been so excited that you face-planted down the stairs? That’s exactly what happened to one woman when she saw Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum make a surprise appearance at a Drake concert. The incident occurred at Drake’s concert in London on April 3, 2019. During the show, the Toronto rapper invited Tatum … Read more

Drake Hit by Phone Onstage During ‘It’s All a Blur’ Tour Opening Night

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On the opening night of Drake’s “It’s All a Blur” tour, the Canadian rapper was hit by a phone thrown from the audience during his performance. The incident occurred at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah on Tuesday, April 20th, 2021. The show was off to a great start when Drake … Read more

Trinidad James Supports Drake Getting Pink Manicure

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Data analytics has been gaining a lot of attention lately, and with it, the power of data to influence decisions. Recently, Trinidad James, a rapper, publicly supported Drake getting a pink manicure, and the power of data analytics has been cited as a possible factor in the decision. Trinidad James is a rapper who is … Read more

Drake Follows Raptors Rookie Gradey Dick On IG After Draft Day Shout-Out

On the night of the 2019 NBA Draft, Toronto Raptors rookie, Gradey Dick, gave a shout-out to his favorite musician, Drake. Little did he know, Drake would follow him back on Instagram and respond with a comment of his own. As a data analytics enthusiast, it’s fascinating to look at the impact of this interaction. … Read more

‘Dave’ Star GaTa Vouches for Brad Pitt’s Rapping Ability, Talks Drake Cameo

Recently, rapper Dave, also known as Star GaTa, has been making headlines for vouching for Brad Pitt’s rapping ability. Dave also discussed the possibility of a Drake cameo in the near future. This news has been met with much excitement and anticipation, as it is a unique collaboration between two of the biggest names in … Read more

French Montana Credits Drake, Diddy, Robert De Niro for Documentary’s Success

In the world of hip-hop, French Montana is a household name. He’s been a major player in the rap game since his debut mixtape in 2007 and has since gone on to have a successful career, with several hit singles and albums. Now, French Montana is getting recognition for his documentary, French Montana: The Movie, … Read more