Morgan Wallen’s Son Bit By Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog

Morgan Wallen, the country music artist, recently revealed that his son, Indigo, was bitten by his ex-girlfriend’s dog. Wallen shared the news on his Instagram account, along with a photo of Indigo in his hospital bed. The incident has been a traumatic experience for the singer and his family, and has raised questions about the … Read more

Morgan Wallen’s Son Bit By Baby Mama’s Dog

Morgan Wallen, a rising country music artist, recently revealed that his son, Indigo Wilder, was bitten by his baby mama’s dog. The incident occurred when Indigo was visiting his mother in Nashville. The bite was serious enough that Indigo had to be taken to the hospital and receive stitches. Wallen shared a photo of his … Read more

2 Chainz Mourns Death of Dog He ‘Loved More Than Some People’

2 Chainz recently shared a heartbreaking tribute to his beloved dog Trappy, who passed away. The rapper took to Instagram to share a series of photos and videos of his beloved pup, writing that he “loved [Trappy] more than some people.” 2 Chainz’s Instagram post was filled with photos and videos of Trappy, showing just … Read more

Littered Joint Roaches Wreak Havoc for Dog Parents in New York City

If you’re a dog parent living in New York City, you may have noticed an increase in the number of joint roaches littering the streets. These roaches, which are a hybrid of the American cockroach and the German cockroach, have become a major problem for pet owners in the city. The joint roach is an … Read more