Industry-Promoted Misinformation About Intoxicating Hemp

“It’s rope, not dope!” So went the clarion call from early activists seeking to restore the incredibly versatile hemp plant to its rightful place in U.S. industrial production. Just a few decades ago, that catchy slogan accurately summarized the distinction between hemp and cannabis. Up until recently, “hemp” referred to low-resin, non-intoxicating Cannabis Sativa L … Read more

Dumpster Fire: What Went Wrong with California Cannabis?

Cannabis is supposed to be relaxing and fun. What’s not to like about giggles, munchies, and a brief break from the mundane? Unfortunately, news from California’s Emerald Triangle is anything but upbeat these days. Report after report portends doom with headlines like “the world’s largest legal weed market is going up in smoke” (The Economist), “California … Read more

Downstream Effects: April 2023

This is first of an occasional column that updates developments pertaining to articles previously published by Project CBD. We start with some positive news from the Golden State. Then a follow-up on our investigative report about Curaleaf, the world’s biggest cannabis company. And freedom of expression takes a hit when it comes to cannabis advocacy … Read more