Robin S. Favors Chris Brown’s ‘Show Me Love’ Sample Over Beyonce’s

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Data science and data engineering are two of the most important fields in the music industry today. With the increasing popularity of streaming services, data science and data engineering have become essential for understanding how music is consumed and how to best monetize it. One of the most talked-about topics in the music industry right … Read more

Robert Glasper Grateful for Chris Brown’s Grammy Diss, Still Wants to Collab

Robert Glasper is an American jazz pianist, producer, and composer who recently expressed his gratitude for Chris Brown’s criticism of the Grammy Awards. Brown, a popular R&B singer, took to social media to express his disappointment in the Grammy Awards for not recognizing hip-hop and R&B artists. Glasper, who has won three Grammys himself, was … Read more

Eric Bellinger Says Chris Brown’s Toss of Fan’s Phone Was Extreme

It’s no secret that Chris Brown has had his fair share of legal issues over the years. Recently, the singer made headlines again after a fan threw a phone onstage during one of his concerts. Brown then proceeded to throw the phone back at the fan, which sparked a debate about the appropriateness of his … Read more