Blueface Slammed For Asking 6-Year-Old Son If He’s Gay for Ignoring Strippers

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Recently, rapper Blueface sparked controversy when he asked his six-year-old son if he was gay for not paying attention to strippers. This incident highlights the need for data analytics and data science to better understand the impact of social media on young people. Data analytics and data science can help us understand the impact of … Read more

UK TikToker Ed Matthews Says He’ll KO Blueface In 1st Rd. Of April 22 Bout

The UK TikToker Ed Matthews is making headlines as he has recently announced that he will be taking on the American rapper Blueface in a boxing match on April 22nd. This is sure to be an exciting bout as both men have been known to be quite formidable opponents in the ring. For those unfamiliar … Read more

Blueface Casts Doubt On Fathering Chrisean Rock’s Baby

Blueface, the popular hip-hop artist, is at the center of a controversy surrounding the paternity of a baby born to social media influencer, Chrisean Rock. The baby, named Royalty, was born in April 2020, and speculation has been rampant as to who the father is. Blueface has been accused of being the father of the … Read more