Downstream Effects: April 2023

This is first of an occasional column that updates developments pertaining to articles previously published by Project CBD. We start with some positive news from the Golden State. Then a follow-up on our investigative report about Curaleaf, the world’s biggest cannabis company. And freedom of expression takes a hit when it comes to cannabis advocacy … Read more

UK TikToker Ed Matthews Says He’ll KO Blueface In 1st Rd. Of April 22 Bout

The UK TikToker Ed Matthews is making headlines as he has recently announced that he will be taking on the American rapper Blueface in a boxing match on April 22nd. This is sure to be an exciting bout as both men have been known to be quite formidable opponents in the ring. For those unfamiliar … Read more

Report: 39% of Consumers Plan to Take Time Off of Work to Celebrate April 20

April 20th has become a special day for many people in the cannabis industry, and it looks like consumers are taking note. According to a recent survey, 39% of consumers plan to take time off of work to celebrate April 20. This is an interesting development, especially when you consider the fact that cannabis is … Read more

Powerful Alliances: Twitter, Uber, Politicians, Investors, And Cannabis Companies Converge At The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference In Miami, April 11-12

Data science and data engineering are becoming increasingly important in the cannabis industry as the sector continues to grow. At the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami, April 11-12, powerful alliances between Twitter, Uber, politicians, investors, and cannabis companies converged. The conference provided an opportunity for cannabis companies to showcase their products and services to … Read more

April 20 Becomes a Paid Holiday for Employees at a Massachusetts Cannabis Company

April 20th has been an unofficial holiday for marijuana enthusiasts for years, and now, a Massachusetts cannabis company has made it official by declaring April 20th a paid holiday for its employees. The cannabis company, Sira Naturals, is based in Milford, Massachusetts and has been a leader in the state’s medical and adult-use cannabis industry … Read more