Nicki Minaj Sued Over ‘I Lied,’ Allegedly Ripped Off Beat, Nicki Sources Call BS

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Nicki Minaj is facing a lawsuit that alleges she ripped off the beat to her song “I Lied” from another artist. The lawsuit was filed by Brooklyn-based rapper Just Brittany, who claims that the beat in Minaj’s song is a direct copy of her own song “I’ma Get Mine.” Just Brittany alleges that Minaj and … Read more

Woman Allegedly Has ‘Loud and Full Body Orgasm’ During L.A. Philharmonic Concert

At a recent Los Angeles Philharmonic concert, a woman allegedly had a loud and full body orgasm during the performance. While this may seem like an isolated incident, it could be indicative of a larger trend in how people are experiencing music. Data science and data engineering can help us to understand how music affects … Read more

Kanye West Sued Over Donda Academy, Allegedly Only Fed Students Sushi

Kanye West is facing a lawsuit from a former employee over his Donda Academy, a free tuition program for underserved students in Los Angeles. The former employee claims that West only fed the students sushi during the program, and that this was a breach of the agreement. The lawsuit raises some interesting questions about data … Read more

Colorado Hospital to Review Policy After Allegedly Snatching Cannabis from Grieving Mother

Recently, a Colorado hospital has come under fire after allegedly snatching cannabis from a grieving mother who was using it to cope with the pain of her son’s death. This incident has caused the hospital to review its policy on medical marijuana use. Medical marijuana, also known as medical cannabis, is a form of treatment … Read more