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by Matthew Martinez

Many of us are quickly learning the medicinal benefits of a long medicine known as cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD is sweeping the nation, showing positive test results in the treatment of numerous medical conditions including epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain, and depression. However due false media, knowledge suppression, and outright lies about the medicine itself, not everyone is fortunate enough to know just how powerful and beneficial CBD really is. Take my wife for example. Up until about a year ago, her knowledge on the medical purposes of cannabis as well as the benefits of CBD was little to none. This article is about her journey and how I helped a non cannabis user discover the power of this ancient medicine.

Cassandra (age 25), is a loving mother of our two beautiful children. Alongside that; she holds a full time job as a supervisor at a local business, and still finds time to be a caring and supportive spouse. But being a super mom isn’t easy and can come with some pretty painful sacrifices. She suffers from chronic back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel and knee pain from a previous injury. At times day to day life was not easy, and sometimes became unbearable. Sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night crying in pain, and at times would choose not to go out because she just hurt too much. I hated seeing her like this and naturally I wanted to help. After her doctor told her that she may need surgery, and that she’d possibly be put on prescription medication, I decided to take action.

You could say I’m a bit of a bookworm – especially when it comes to cannabis, spirituality, and the universe. Previous to my wife’s doctors referral for meds and surgery; I would usually try to convince her to look into medical marijuana, knowing the benefits that cannabis would have in helping her with pain. She would usually refuse telling me it would makes her sleepy or just too high. Knowing there had to be a better way than surgery or pain meds (or this terrible wrist brace they gave her that didn’t even work), I hit the books. I had just recently started research on the endocannabinoid system and how phytocannabinoids affect our bodies, and thought “why don’t I look into the non psychoactive cannabinoid CBD, and see how much testing has been done on treating different pain related illnesses.” So I began reading article after article,  watching videos, and really doing my homework. I eventually stumbled upon a few clinical application videos on YouTube done by a cannabis doctor named Mara Gordon. In her videos she talks about how she is THC sensitive — just like my wife — and before her practice she was turned off to the thought of cannabis. She continues to talk about how her opinions later changed when she learned how to properly dose herself. She would also bring up that water or olive oil based tinctures are the healthiest and most accurate way to dose. So I had it, a way to reap the medical benefits of cannabis without having to smoke it or get high.

I began to talk things over with my wife, and she agreed to at least give it a shot. I ran down to my local recreational dispensary to see what they had.at the time, their tinctures were a bit pricey. So I was recommended some high CBD\very low THC candies that were more in my price range. I took the candies back to my wife to have her try them out. Probably about an hour later, I asked her if she was feeling any effects. To my surprise, she already had quite a few positive responses – not just with her pain, but also with her anxiety and depression. There was still a downside. There was still a little bit to much THC in the candies. The amount of THC in the candies wasn’t really making her high, but it would make her tired and she needed a medicine that she could take during the day. So after the candies were gone and I had put aside a little more money, I went back down to the rec shop and picked out a tincture, Ethos relief 250mg. The ratio having 250mg of CBD and only 5mg of THC, one dose of the tincture only has a micro dose of THC. Also the tincture was based off a sativa dominant strain(Harlequin), so it was perfect for the day time. So I take this medicine home, once again convince my wife to try this one out. And oh man, like magic the pain relief was almost instantaneous. All the positive results she got from the candies she received from the tincture ten fold, and no unwanted side effects from too much THC. We had it – her perfect daytime medicine. She was able to receive both pain and psychological relief, and was once again able to sleep comfortably throughout the night. She felt like she no longer need surgery and the thought of pain meds was a joke. She now takes this tincture everyday, and we continue to do research on CBD and all other cannabinoids to help live a healthier pain free life.

This story is one among many that has given me the passion to want to make a difference in the cannabis industry, and put an end to the shameful outlook and false preachings of this healing plant. People often ask me what I recommend for new users getting into CBD. I always tell them to go with VerifiedCBDoil.com because of their stellar customer service (they helped us with a lot of free guidance) and top of the line selection.