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This is an article for the more experienced patient; when it comes to CBD knowledge for the novice, please refer to our earlier articles. More and more, patients are discovering how CBD and other cannabinoids can be extremely beneficial when managing their illnesses. But now doctors in the field of cannabis are taking it a step further. Nano-emulsificationis an extraction method that breaks down cannabinoids into the cannabis extract nanoemulsions (nano-cannabinoids) using cativation. To achieve this extractors need what is called an ultrasonic processor.


Nano-cannabinoids are next level material when it comes to properly dosing. Normal CBD oils and edibles can take hours to fully effect you, this is because they are absorbed through gastrointestinal absorption. Nano-cannabinoids use nano lipsoma delivery, making the effects immediate. Most tinctures on the market only reach up to 10%  bioavailability , but a nano enhanced CBD tincture is capable of reaching up to 100%. When bioavailability reaches 100%, patients don’t need as much, and it makes the medicine 10X more potent. Nano-cannabinoids are also all natural, non toxic, have long term product stability, have faster onset of action, and are water compatible. Being water compatible, nano-cannabinoids can be mixed with virtually anything, making it extremely easy for patients to dose.


Nano-cannabinoids can be absorbed in two ways: orally or topically (through the skin). Because of nano lipsoma delivery; patients commonly look to nano enhanced tinctures, because how immediate the medicine takes effect. Nano-cannabinoids can also be mixed with lotions, bath bombs, and other topically-applied solutions, making them the next logical step for CBD.


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