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Continuing with our series on CBD’s legality from state-to-state, we come upon the State of Florida. Once again, the source of the CBD is of quintessential importance to the question of legality. As a general rule, Hemp CBD oil is legal in all 50 states if it contains under .3% of THC unless state law prohibits any trace amount of THC; Marijuana CBD oil is illegal in most states unless your a specially registered patient.

In summary, as in accordance with the federal 2014 Farm Bill, Hemp CBD under .3% THC is legal in Florida. You may be able to increase the THC content to .8% and use Marijuana-Sourced CBD, but it’s difficult and requires dealing with a lot of regulation.


Florida Governor Rick Scott took strides in favor of the CBD community when he signed SB 1030 into law back in 2014, which allows for the use of non-smoked cannabis oil, such as CBD oils. Note that, however, the bill only allowed for products with less than 0.8% of THC and over 10% cannabidiol (CBD) content. Unfortunately, this law doesn’t apply to everyone. In fact, it only applies to those diagnosed with one of the following:


Although the State of Florida does not specifically permit the sale of CBD oil for those who are not registered with the state as special patients, there is no state bill contradicting the 2014 Farm Bill, which permits the production, sale, and use of Hemp-sourced CBD products with under .3% THC.

In other words, anything sourced from Hemp and under .3% THC is fair game.

One should exercise caution when researching CBD products. Contrary to the belief of politicians, THC is not the evil and malicious substance they make it out to be. While THC does have psychoactive effects (a scientific way to say it can get you high) it still is medically valuable. Something lawmakers never seem to understand is that CBD (a chemical compound known as cannabidioil) counterbalances the psychoactive effects of THC, giving the user the benefits of both substances without the high.

We recommend you maximize your THC content to the .3% max you the federal governments gives consumers in order to be sure you’re consuming the most effective CBD out there. We recommend you research specific products, but 0% THC is nothing to boast about when it comes to anything else but satisfying the law.


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