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CBDquest had a talk with the founder of Cannabliss Organic, a skincare company which produces its products with naturally rich hemp oil, providing a range of health benefits. Their cosmetics, all sourced from hemp grown in Colorado, have been shown to drive positive change in dry skin, acne, wrinkles, scars, sunspots, eczema, and psoriasis. The following is the transcript of what has been a very interesting and educating experience!

CBDquest: Can you give us some background on Cannabliss Organics? How did the company get started? What’s the story behind it?
Cannabliss: The founder of Cannabliss Organic comes from a family of beauty experts.  She’s always been very passionate about taking care of her skin and obsessed with maintaining youthful skin.  About 10 years ago, she had turned to organic living and a holistic lifestyle, being informed on the harmful chemicals that high end cosmetic companies use in their products and also became educated on the horrendous testing on animals.  Turning to organic skincare but not finding a product that met all her criteria.  About 4 years ago, her and her husband moved to Colorado and was approached to help out on a farm certified to cultivate hemp.  They became quickly intrigued by this miracle plant, learning about all the incredible uses of hemp from industrial to medicinal uses, it is truly God’s gift to this earth.  This is when the idea came about to use the oil from the hemp plant on our skin.  Understanding that humans have our own endocannabinoid system (one of the largest system’s in our body), it only makes sense that the human race needs CBD oil to fuel what what we already have in our own body, and to help us reach our maximum potential, whether it’s by ingesting it or applying it topically.
CBDquest: Can you tell us about your production process? On your site you mention you make use of “organic natural carrier oil.” Can you explain what that means, and how it’s all done?
Cannabliss: Pure cbd oil made from the hemp plant has a very thick consistency, making it hard for the skin to absorb.  Therefore you need a carrier oil.  We use carrier oils such as almond oil, annus seed oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, apricot oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. These oils most mimic our own skin’s oil, so they do not leave you feeling greasy, they do not clog your pores, and they help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Our lab in San Diego has perfected our formula, which is proprietary and unique to Cannabliss Organic.
CBDquest: You mention your products are a mix of CBD-rich Hemp oils and ancient Korean herbs. What turned you on to the idea of using ancient Korean herbs? We’d love to hear more about how both ingredients work together.
Cannabliss: Korean Beauty has become very popular in the states over the last few years.  Being familiarized with skincare, I learned that in S. Korea, they have the best skin and some of the best skincare.  In my view, the only thing that was missing was CBD oil.
We were lucky to find a lab that already worked with both cbd oil and Korean herbs.  The oil combined with the herbs actually work in synergy, and together they work to achieve their maximum benefits.  It’s the perfect combination.
CBDquest: We see you’re based out of Colorado and ship to all 50 States. Have you run into any legal trouble? Has regulations and legality pushed you to make use of Hemp oil (Cannabis Sativa) instead of oil from other Cannabis species, such as Cannabis Ruderalis or Cannabis Indica? 
Cannabliss: We have not run into any legal trouble shipping to all 50 states.  The legality of hemp cbd oil is still a gray area, but it is to our understanding that as long there is less than .03% THC in the product, that you can ship to all 50 states. We always wanted to use the hemp plant over any other plant, our oil contains 87% cbd, which is hard to have such a high percentage with the ruderalis or indica plant.  It also helped that the legalities of it were much easier to deal with.
CBDquest: Dr. Tamas Biro of Hungry studied and published the effects of CBD oil on skin cells, in which he found that CBD inhibits oil production and may be a valuable asset in the fight against acne. Does Dr Biro’s findings complement or contradict the science behind your products?
Cannabliss: Dr Biro’s findings do complement the results of our skincare.  We have found that after using our serum and lotion, people’s acne completely cleared, even “hormonal” acne during certain times of the month, women are finding that they stopped having breakouts.  Our hemp salve has helped our clients clear up their psoriasis and eczema while they are using it. We’ve found that when you put harsh chemicals on your skin, although it will dry out and temporarily clear up acne, but when your skin is so dry, it causes it to over produce it’s own oils, causing clogged pores and creating blackheads and acne.  You have to be kind and gentle to your skin and it will reveal it’s natural glow.  Essential oils actually break through the cell wall, curing from the inside out.
CBDquest: Are there any skin problems that CBD oil is not good for?
Cannabliss: We have not discovered anything that CBD does not benefit.  In fact, people that have tested our products have discovered more benefits than we even knew of.  Our salve has helped keep burns from blistering and scarring, it’s helped relieve itchiness from mosquito bites, soften cuticles, hands and feet, and relieve muscle aches and joint pain.  Our body oil has helped sooth sunburns and prevent peeling. We believe there is nothing CBD oil can’t do.  🙂
CBDquest: Is it ideal to ingest or topically apply CBD oil for the ends of skincare?
Cannabliss: Whether you ingest or topically apply CBD oil, your body is absorbing 25% of the oil.  We suggest you do both.  🙂  Of course always make sure your source is reliable before you put anything on or in your body.


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