Britney Spears’ Ex Kevin Federline Moving Kids To Hawaii, No Reunion With Mom

Britney Spears and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, have made headlines once again as the father of her two children is reportedly moving them to Hawaii. It’s been 13 years since the former couple divorced, and it looks like they won’t be reuniting anytime soon.

The news comes after a tumultuous few years for the pop star, who has been in and out of court battles with Federline over custody of their two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. In 2019, Spears lost her conservatorship battle with her father, Jamie Spears, which had been in place since 2008.

Since then, Federline has been granted primary physical custody of the boys, while Spears has visitation rights. Now, Federline is reportedly planning to move the boys to Hawaii, where he is said to have purchased a home.

The move is said to be an effort to give the boys more stability, as they have been living a somewhat nomadic lifestyle, traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It is also reported that the move will give the boys a chance to experience a different culture and lifestyle.

However, the move has also been met with some criticism, as some have argued that the move is a way for Federline to keep the boys away from their mother. While Spears has been granted visitation rights, it has been reported that she has not been able to see her sons as much as she would like due to the pandemic.

It remains to be seen if the move will have any long-term effects on the relationship between Spears and her sons. However, it is clear that a reunion between the former couple is not on the cards anytime soon.

Federline’s decision to move the boys to Hawaii is just the latest chapter in the ongoing saga between the former couple. While it is unclear how the move will affect Spears’ relationship with her sons, it is clear that the former couple is not looking to reunite anytime soon.