Woman Face-Plants Down Stairs In Freak-Out Over Jayson Tatum Cameo At Drake Concert

Have you ever been so excited that you face-planted down the stairs? That’s exactly what happened to one woman when she saw Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum make a surprise appearance at a Drake concert.

The incident occurred at Drake’s concert in London on April 3, 2019. During the show, the Toronto rapper invited Tatum to join him onstage. The crowd went wild, but one woman was so excited that she tried to rush the stage and ended up tumbling down the stairs instead.

The video of the woman’s fall quickly went viral, with many people sharing it on social media. The video shows Tatum and Drake laughing at the woman’s misfortune, and the crowd erupting in cheers.

The woman was eventually helped up by security, and she can be seen smiling and laughing as she made her way back to her seat.

The moment was a great example of the power of fandom. Fans of both Drake and Tatum were so excited to see the two together that the woman couldn’t control her emotions.

The incident also highlights the importance of being mindful when attending a concert. As exciting as the moment was, it’s important to remember to stay safe and not take any risks.

Overall, the woman’s freak-out over Jayson Tatum’s cameo at the Drake concert was a hilarious moment that was shared all over the internet. It’s a great reminder of the power of fandom and the importance of staying safe at concerts.