Sam Smith Wears Baggy Outfit For ‘Barbie’ European Premiere in London

Sam Smith made a bold fashion statement at the European premiere of the movie ‘Barbie’ in London. The singer and songwriter donned a baggy suit and a statement hat, which was made using 3D printing technology.

The outfit was designed by Smith’s personal stylist, Sarah Ann Murray. It was a custom-made ensemble that featured a double-breasted blazer, wide-leg trousers, and a black hat with a 3D-printed brim. The hat was designed by the London-based milliner, Philip Treacy.

The 3D-printed brim was made using a process called ‘selective laser sintering’. This process involves using a laser to melt a powder material into a desired shape. The powder is then heated and cooled to form a solid object. The brim was made from a black nylon-based material, which was then painted with a metallic silver finish.

The 3D-printed hat brim was a perfect complement to Smith’s baggy suit. The ensemble was made from a soft wool fabric and featured a loose fit. The trousers had a wide leg and were cuffed at the ankle. The blazer was double-breasted and had a slightly oversized fit.

The look was completed with a pair of black pointed-toe boots. The boots had a low block heel and featured a gold buckle detail. Smith accessorised with a pair of round-framed sunglasses and a black leather bag.

Smith’s bold fashion statement at the ‘Barbie’ premiere was a perfect example of how 3D printing technology can be used to create unique and eye-catching accessories. The 3D-printed brim of the hat was a perfect match for Smith’s baggy suit and gave the ensemble a modern and edgy look.