Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Firms File Suit To Block Fee Increases

Oklahoma medical cannabis firms have filed a lawsuit against the state in an effort to block fee increases that would dramatically increase the cost of doing business. The lawsuit, filed in Oklahoma County District Court, seeks to prevent the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) from raising fees for medical marijuana businesses.

The lawsuit argues that the OMMA’s proposed fee increases would be “unconstitutional, arbitrary, and capricious,” and would have a “devastating” impact on the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma. The OMMA had proposed raising the application fees for medical marijuana businesses from $2,500 to $25,000, as well as increasing the annual license renewal fee from $2,500 to $10,000.

The lawsuit was filed by several medical cannabis businesses, including the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association, the Oklahoma Cannabis Trade Association, and the Oklahoma Cannabis Business Association. The plaintiffs argue that the proposed fee increases would have a disproportionate impact on small businesses, as well as disproportionately affect medical marijuana patients.

The lawsuit also argues that the OMMA’s proposed fee increases are not supported by scientific evidence and are not in line with the goals and objectives of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Act, which was passed by voters in 2018.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction to prevent the OMMA from implementing the proposed fee increases. The plaintiffs argue that the fee increases would create an undue burden on medical cannabis businesses, and would ultimately lead to higher costs for medical marijuana patients.

The lawsuit is just the latest development in the ongoing battle over medical marijuana in Oklahoma. The state’s medical cannabis industry has grown rapidly since the passage of the Medical Marijuana Act, with over 200,000 patients now registered with the OMMA.

The lawsuit highlights the importance of technology in the medical marijuana industry. Medical cannabis businesses rely on technology for everything from tracking patient data to managing inventory. The proposed fee increases could make it more difficult for businesses to afford the technology they need to stay compliant with state regulations.

The outcome of this lawsuit could have far-reaching implications for the medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma. If the fee increases are allowed to go into effect, it could have a devastating impact on the industry, and could lead to higher costs for medical marijuana patients.