Kodak Black Performs ‘No Flockin’ at Concert Minutes After Jail Release

On Saturday, August 18th, Kodak Black made history when he performed his hit single, “No Flockin”, just minutes after being released from jail. The performance marked the first time a rapper had ever performed a song after being released from jail.

Kodak Black, whose real name is Dieuson Octave, had been in jail for the last three months on weapons charges. He was released from jail on Saturday afternoon and was immediately whisked away to a concert venue in Miami, Florida.

When he arrived, the crowd went wild and he quickly launched into his performance of “No Flockin”. The song is a tribute to his hometown of Pompano Beach and has become a favorite among fans.

The performance was not only a historic moment for Kodak Black, but also for hip hop as a whole. It was a powerful reminder of the resilience of hip hop and its ability to transcend even the most difficult of circumstances.

Kodak Black’s performance was also a reminder of the importance of criminal justice reform. His case was widely seen as a prime example of how the criminal justice system can disproportionately target young black men.

Kodak Black’s performance was met with a standing ovation and was quickly shared on social media, with many fans praising him for his courage and resilience.

Kodak Black’s performance was a powerful reminder of the power of hip hop and the importance of criminal justice reform. His courage and resilience in the face of adversity is an inspiration to many and a reminder that anything is possible.