Selena Gomez Appears to Unfollow Zayn Malik, Hadid Sisters & Dua Lipa

Selena Gomez recently made headlines after she appeared to unfollow Zayn Malik, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Dua Lipa on Instagram. Fans were quick to speculate what could have caused the sudden move, as Gomez had been following the stars for a long time.

The move has caused some confusion among fans, as Gomez and Malik have been friends for years. The two had even collaborated on the song “I Can’t Feel My Face” in 2015. Gomez and the Hadid sisters are also known to be close, with the trio often being spotted out together.

As for Dua Lipa, the singer and Gomez have been known to be close friends ever since they met at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. The two had even gone on vacation together and shared pictures of their trip on Instagram.

It’s unclear why Gomez decided to unfollow the stars, but some fans have speculated that it could be due to her recent break-up with The Weeknd. Gomez and The Weeknd had been together for nearly a year before they announced their split in October 2017.

While Gomez hasn’t commented on the speculation, it’s possible that the move could be a sign that she’s ready to move on and start fresh. She’s been spotted out with friends more frequently since the break-up, and appears to be in a much better place.

It’s possible that Gomez is simply trying to clear out her social media of any reminders of her past relationship and start fresh. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Gomez is ready to move on and focus on the future.