Nicki Minaj’s Neighbors Want Her Out of Hidden Hills, Concerned With Husband

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty have been living in the affluent neighborhood of Hidden Hills, California since the summer of 2020. But it appears that their presence has not been welcomed by their neighbors, who are now reportedly trying to get the couple to move out.

According to reports, several of Minaj’s neighbors have raised concerns about Petty’s criminal past, which includes a conviction for attempted rape. He is also a registered sex offender in California, which has caused some of the neighbors to worry about the safety of their families.

The couple has also allegedly been causing a disturbance in the neighborhood, with reports of loud music and parties. The neighbors reportedly have had enough and are now trying to get Minaj and Petty to move out.

One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, told the media that they are “tired” of the couple’s behavior and are “concerned for the safety of their children.” They also said that the couple has been “disrespectful” to the other residents of the neighborhood.

The neighbors have reportedly been in contact with the city council to try and get the couple evicted. However, it is unclear if they will be successful in their efforts.

Minaj and Petty have not publicly responded to the reports, but it appears that the couple is not planning to move anytime soon. The couple has been seen out and about in the area, and Minaj has even posted photos of herself in her Hidden Hills home on social media.

It remains to be seen if the couple will be able to remain in the neighborhood or if they will be forced to move out. In the meantime, the neighbors of Hidden Hills will be keeping a close eye on the situation.