Wack 100 Vows to Drop Gucci Mane Diss Track Following ‘Bluffin’ Shade

The rap world is buzzing with the latest news that Wack 100 has vowed to drop a diss track aimed at Gucci Mane following the release of his single “Bluffin”. This is the latest in a long line of beefs between the two rappers, and it seems that Wack 100 is determined to settle the score with a lyrical attack.

The feud between Wack 100 and Gucci Mane began in 2018 when Wack 100 made comments about Gucci Mane’s wife, Keyshia Ka’oir, on social media. Gucci Mane responded by calling Wack 100 a “clown” and threatening to “smack the sh*t” out of him. Wack 100 then responded with a diss track titled “Gangsta Talk” which featured a line about Gucci Mane being “scared to fight”.

The feud seemed to have died down until recently when Gucci Mane released his single “Bluffin” which featured a verse that was perceived as a diss towards Wack 100. The verse included lines such as “Wack 100, you a clown, you ain’t gangsta at all” and “You ain’t hard, you a fraud, you a b*tch, that’s all”.

In response, Wack 100 has vowed to retaliate with a diss track of his own in the near future. He took to social media to make the announcement, writing “I’m coming soon with a diss track, just wait on it”. He also made sure to let Gucci Mane know that he was serious about the threat by adding the hashtag “#GangstaTalk2”.

It seems that Wack 100 is determined to settle the score with a lyrical attack and fans of both rappers are eagerly awaiting the release of his diss track. It remains to be seen what Wack 100 has in store for Gucci Mane, but one thing is for sure: it’s sure to be an entertaining battle of the bars.