Drake Cameos in Lil Dicky’s ‘Dave’ with Brad Pitt

Lil Dicky, a rapper known for his humorous lyrics and music videos, recently released a new comedy series on FX called Dave. The show follows the life of a suburban white rapper named Dave Burd, played by Lil Dicky himself, as he attempts to make it big in the rap industry.

In the show’s first episode, Dave’s dreams come true when he is invited to a party at Drake’s house. At the party, Drake makes a surprise cameo appearance, and is joined by none other than Brad Pitt! This unlikely duo discuss Dave’s career and encourage him to stay true to himself and his music.

The appearance of Drake and Brad Pitt on the show has made waves in the entertainment industry, and fans are excited to see the two superstars in such an unexpected setting. It’s not every day that two of the biggest names in Hollywood come together for a hip-hop comedy series.

The cameo was a great way to kick off the show, and it’s clear that Drake and Brad Pitt had a great time filming the scene. They even shared a few laughs and some friendly banter.

For those unfamiliar with the entertainment industry, a cameo is when an actor or musician makes a brief appearance in a movie or TV show. Usually, the cameo is not a major role, but it’s a fun way to make a memorable appearance.

Drake and Brad Pitt’s cameo in Dave was a great way to introduce the show and get fans excited for what’s to come. It’s clear that this unlikely duo had a great time filming the scene, and fans are sure to be talking about it for a long time.