Juice WRLD’s Team Planning New Mural After Original Mysteriously Vanished

On Sunday, news broke that the Juice WRLD mural in Chicago’s West Loop had mysteriously vanished. The mural, which was painted by artist Justus Roe and commissioned by the late rapper’s team, was a tribute to the late artist who tragically passed away in December 2019.

The mural was painted in a bright blue and yellow, and featured Juice WRLD’s signature phrase, “Legends Never Die”. It had quickly become a popular destination for fans of the artist, and many had taken to social media to share photos of themselves in front of the mural.

The mural’s sudden disappearance has left many fans wondering what happened to it. Some have speculated that it was taken down by the building’s owner, while others have suggested that it was the work of vandals.

However, Juice WRLD’s team has now announced that they are planning to replace the mural with a new one. The team is currently in the process of selecting a new artist to create the mural, and they have promised that it will be even bigger and better than the original.

The new mural will also be equipped with a number of advanced technologies, including a facial recognition system that will be able to detect when someone is taking a photo in front of the mural. The facial recognition system will then be able to trigger an LED light show that will be synced to the music of Juice WRLD.

The team is also planning to equip the mural with a number of other technologies, including a live stream that will allow fans to watch the mural in real time. The live stream will be available on the Juice WRLD website and the artist’s social media accounts.

The new mural is expected to be completed sometime in the coming months, and fans are eagerly awaiting its completion. The mural will be a fitting tribute to Juice WRLD, and a reminder of his legacy and the impact that he had on the music industry.