Nick Cannon Imagines Having 13th Child With Taylor Swift

Nick Cannon recently made headlines when he fantasized about having a thirteenth child with Taylor Swift. The America’s Got Talent host made the comments during an episode of his podcast, Cannon’s Class.

The conversation began when Cannon was discussing the idea of having a large family with his guest, rapper Too Short. When asked how many children he would like to have, Cannon shared that he wanted to have “at least 13”. He then went on to joke that he could have a thirteenth child with Taylor Swift, which he said would be “amazing”.

Cannon’s comments have sparked a lot of discussion on social media. While some people are taking the comments as a joke, others are questioning why Cannon would make such a statement about another celebrity.

It’s important to note that Cannon and Swift have never been romantically involved. They have, however, been friends for years, as they have both been in the music industry for a long time. In fact, Cannon even appeared in one of Swift’s music videos back in 2009.

Cannon’s comments have certainly caught the attention of Swift’s fans, who are now wondering if the two will ever collaborate on a project. While the chances of Cannon and Swift having a thirteenth child together are slim to none, it is still interesting to consider the possibilities.

Regardless of what happens between Cannon and Swift, one thing is certain: they have a strong friendship that has lasted for many years. While it is unlikely that they will ever have a thirteenth child together, it is certainly an interesting thought to consider.

At the end of the day, Cannon’s comments were likely made in jest and should not be taken too seriously. After all, Cannon is a father to twelve children and Swift is a successful singer and songwriter. For now, it seems that the two will remain friends and continue to collaborate on music projects.