Doja Cat Says She’s Done with Pop, Next Album Will Be All Rap

Doja Cat has recently announced that her next album will be all rap, and that she’s done with pop music. This news has been met with excitement from her fans, who have long been anticipating a move away from the pop sound that has become so familiar to them.

As a data engineer, this news has me thinking about the data that Doja Cat has been collecting over the years. What metrics has she been tracking to determine that she should move away from pop music? What data points have informed her decision to focus on rap for her next album?

Data analytics can provide insight into how Doja Cat’s music has been received by her fans. For example, data analytics can be used to measure the number of streams, downloads, and sales of her songs. This data can help her decide which genres of music she should focus on in the future.

Data engineering can also help Doja Cat better understand her fans. By collecting data on her fans’ demographics, preferences, and habits, she can gain insight into what types of music they like and what type of music will be most successful for her. This data can help her determine which genres she should focus on for her next album.

Doja Cat’s decision to switch to rap for her next album is an interesting one, and one that could have a big impact on the music industry. Data engineering and data analytics can help her make the best decisions for her career and her fans. By collecting and analyzing data on her fans and her music, she can make sure that her next album is a success.