Taylor Swift Releases 4 New Tracks, Including Love Song About Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift recently released four new tracks, including a love song about her boyfriend of three years, Joe Alwyn. The tracks are part of her upcoming album, ‘Folklore’.

Taylor Swift is a Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter. She has become one of the most successful artists in history, with over 200 million albums sold worldwide.

The four new tracks, titled ‘Cardigan’, ‘August’, ‘Betty’, and ‘Exile’, were released on July 24th. ‘Exile’ is a duet with Bon Iver, and is a love song about Joe Alwyn.

Joe Alwyn is an actor who has appeared in films such as ‘The Favourite’ and ‘Mary Queen of Scots’. He and Taylor Swift have been together since 2017.

The release of the four new tracks is part of Taylor Swift’s plan to promote her upcoming album, ‘Folklore’. The album is set to be released on July 31st.

The new tracks have been released in a variety of formats, including digital downloads, streaming services, and physical copies. Fans can purchase the tracks in the form of a ‘bundle’, which includes all four tracks and a digital booklet.

The release of the four new tracks has been met with critical acclaim. Fans have praised Taylor Swift’s songwriting and production, and the love song to Joe Alwyn has been described as ‘beautiful’ and ‘heart-wrenching’.

Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘Folklore’, is sure to be one of the year’s biggest releases. With the release of four new tracks and a love song to Joe Alwyn, fans are sure to be excited for the album’s release.