NBA’s Pat Beverley Blames Today’s Rap Music for Ja Morant’s Behavior

The NBA has been in the news lately over the behavior of rookie sensation Ja Morant. Memphis Grizzlies point guard Morant has been criticized by some for his on-court antics and attitude, and recently, Los Angeles Clippers guard Pat Beverley has waded into the debate.

In a recent interview, Beverley blamed today’s rap music for Morant’s behavior, saying that the music is “toxic” and that it’s having a negative effect on the younger generation of NBA players. Beverley suggested that the music is influencing players to be more aggressive and disrespectful on the court, and he believes that it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Beverley’s comments have sparked a debate about the role of rap music in today’s NBA. On one hand, some have argued that rap music is not to blame for Morant’s behavior, and that he is simply expressing himself on the court. Others have argued that rap music does have an influence on players, and that it could be contributing to the negative behavior seen in the NBA today.

Regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, one thing is certain: the culture of the NBA is changing. With the influx of younger players like Morant, the league is becoming more expressive and less formal. This shift can be seen in the way players dress, talk, and act on the court, and it’s clear that rap music is having an influence.

Whether you agree with Beverley’s comments or not, it’s clear that rap music is having an impact on the NBA. The league is changing, and it’s important to understand how rap music is influencing the culture. It’s a complex issue, and one that will need to be addressed if the NBA is to remain a place of respect and sportsmanship.