Blueface Casts Doubt On Fathering Chrisean Rock’s Baby

Blueface, the popular hip-hop artist, is at the center of a controversy surrounding the paternity of a baby born to social media influencer, Chrisean Rock. The baby, named Royalty, was born in April 2020, and speculation has been rampant as to who the father is.

Blueface has been accused of being the father of the baby, but he has yet to confirm or deny the allegations. He has, however, cast doubt on the paternity of the baby. In a recent interview, the rapper stated that he was not sure if the baby was his or not, and that he was not ready to take on the responsibility of fatherhood.

This statement has caused a stir among fans and the media alike, with many questioning the paternity of the baby. While the paternity of the baby has not been officially confirmed, Blueface’s statement has raised eyebrows and has caused some to speculate that he may be the father.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that Chrisean Rock has not publicly identified the father of the baby. She has stated that she will not be revealing the father’s identity until she is ready to do so. This has led some to speculate that Blueface is the father, while others are simply curious as to who the father is.

Despite the speculation, it is important to remember that the paternity of the baby has not yet been confirmed. Blueface’s statement has only added fuel to the fire, and until the father is officially identified, the paternity of the baby will remain a mystery.

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