Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex-Husband Michael Lockwood Wants to Rep Twins in Court

Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the late iconic singer Elvis Presley, has been in the news recently due to her ex-husband, Michael Lockwood. Lockwood is requesting to represent their 8-year-old twin daughters, Harper and Finley, in court.

Presley and Lockwood were married from 2006-2016 and share two children. Lockwood is requesting to be the twins’ legal representative in court due to the fact that Presley has been accused of mismanaging her finances.

The term “legal representative” refers to an individual who is appointed to act on behalf of another person in a court of law. This could include a lawyer, attorney, or other professional who is qualified to represent someone else in court.

Presley has been accused of mismanaging her finances, which could be due to her alleged addiction to prescription drugs. Lockwood is claiming that Presley’s financial mismanagement has put their daughters’ trust funds at risk.

A trust fund is a financial arrangement where a third party, such as a bank or other financial institution, holds and manages money or assets on behalf of a beneficiary. In this case, the beneficiary would be Presley’s two children.

Lockwood is requesting to be the legal representative for the twins in court in order to protect their trust funds. He is also asking for spousal support from Presley, claiming that he is unable to support himself due to her alleged financial mismanagement.

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is a court-ordered payment from one former spouse to another. This payment is intended to provide financial support to the spouse who is not able to support themselves due to the dissolution of the marriage.

It remains to be seen if Lockwood will be granted legal representation of the twins in court or if he will receive spousal support from Presley. However, this case is a reminder of the importance of proper financial management and planning.