Jordyn Woods Take Selena Gomez’s Side Amid Feud with Ex-BFF Kylie Jenner

The recent feud between Kylie Jenner and her former best friend, Jordyn Woods, has been all over the news. The two had been close friends for years, but recently, things have taken a dramatic turn.

The feud began when it was reported that Woods had been seen getting close with Jenner’s then-boyfriend, Travis Scott. Jenner and Scott have since split, but the drama between Woods and Jenner has been ongoing.

Now, in a surprising twist, it appears that Woods is siding with Selena Gomez in the feud. Gomez has been a long-time friend of Jenner’s, and the two have been at odds with each other since Gomez and Justin Bieber got back together in 2018.

Gomez recently posted a photo of herself and Woods on Instagram with the caption, “Loyalty is everything.” This was seen as a show of support for Woods in her feud with Jenner.

Woods has since responded to the post with a comment of her own, saying “Love you sis.” This has been seen as a sign that Woods is taking Gomez’s side in the feud.

This is a surprising turn of events, as Woods and Gomez have not been close in the past. In fact, Woods and Gomez have had some tension between them in the past, with Woods even reportedly accusing Gomez of being jealous of her relationship with Jenner.

It appears that Woods and Gomez have put their differences aside in the midst of the feud between Woods and Jenner. Woods’ decision to side with Gomez could be seen as a sign that she is ready to move on from her feud with Jenner and focus on her own life.

No matter what the outcome of the feud is, it’s clear that Woods and Gomez have found common ground and are now supporting each other. This could be a sign of a new friendship between the two, and it could be a sign that Woods is ready to move on from her past with Jenner.